About Heather

My work is an expression of personal experience and recalled memory conveyed through an intuitive lens. Symbols and marks are recontextualized as a buried visual language, unearthing ancestral callings and emotional responses. Inspiration comes through an unforced seeing and awareness.

My approach to a painting or collage is to work with immediacy as each layer, mark or brush stroke informs the next step. Art making demands a certain kind of surrendering and a willingness to let be. When approaching a new work I attempt to access a beginner’s mind to let the piece unfold as it must.

I experiment with scale, line, space, layers, shadow and energy. The process is a cathartic release of hidden parts of my psyche. My desire is for these abstract expressions to evoke and connect to an emotion or memory in the viewer.


Heather Neilson has attended the Art Students League of New York and has studied with several international working artists. She received her B.A. from Rutgers University. Heather resides in Northwest Connecticut, where she teaches mixed media workshops in her studio, JuJu Art Studios at Whiting Mills, Winsted, CT.


November 8th-December 8th, 2016 – Northwestern Connecticut Community College “Explorations-Works on Paper”
September, 2016 –The Underground Gallery “The Gloucester Series” Read Priscilla  Newcomb’s Review
October, 2015 – The Underground  Gallery